Student Counselling

Student Counselling

Why Counselling?

Many people resolve their problems by talking to friends, family or perhaps someone in their department. Others find looking for information about their concerns helpful. However, there are also times when you need more than this, to talk to someone from outside your day to day life, and this is when the Counselling Service may be helpful. Counselling can help you to focus on and understand more clearly issues which concern you, and make choices or changes which are right for you. This is effective for help with a wide range of personal, developmental and academic problems.

What we offer

The service is free, confidentiacounsellingl, face to face, and available to all current students. The majority of students find that just one session, with perhaps a follow up, is sufficient. When appropriate we offer brief counselling for up to 6 sessions; this is an active, collaborative process with follow ups or on-going sessions scheduled at weekly, fortnightly or longer intervals. Sessions are usually 30 minutes long.

The service also offers a selection of workshops throughout the year and, from January 2015, counselling groups, some of which will be able to offer longer term support.

Mental Wellbeing Advisers

The Admin has a Mental Wellbeing Advisers who provide support and guidance to students experiencing mental health difficulties and when appropriate, can liaise with admin and advise staff about student concerns.

Liaison with Academic Staff

If your work is affected by personal problems it may be helpful for your counsellor to liaise with your Tutor or appropriate person within the Campus. Due to the confidential nature of our service we would need your consent before doing so.