Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management Course (PGDEM) Full Time-2019/2020

Duration of the course:

One year – Full Time. The course is conducted in Tamil & English Medium (However, the candidates are allowed to sit the examination in Tamil or English medium. Lectures and discussions are conducted in two languages.)

Admission Criteria

  1. Should be a member of Sri Lanka Educational Administrative Service (SLEAS) / Sri Lanka Principals’ Service (SLPS) / Sri Lanka Teacher Educators’ Service (SLTES) / Sri Lanka Teacher’ Service (SLTS Grade I) / Head of a government or semi government educational institute.
  2. Should have a Bachelor of Education Degree from a recognized University / Institute. or Any other first degree and a professional qualification such as Post Graduate Diploma in Education / Trained Teacher Certificate / National Diploma in Teaching.
  3. Should have four years’ experience in teaching which includes two years’ experience in administrative and supervisory duties.

Selection Criteria

Selection will be made on the results of a written examination. Those who have reached the essential proficiency level will be notified for an interview. The written examination consists of two papers:

  1. Educational Management ii. English Language and Study Skills

Status of the structure

Subject Code Subject Name Credits Teaching hrs
First Semester
PGD 1113 Organizational Behavior and Effective School Management 3 45
PGD 1123 Resources Management 3 45
PGD 1133 Management and Leadership Theory and Practice 3 45
PGD 1143 Educational Law and Related to Administrative Practice 3 45
PGD 1153 Research in Educational Management (On the current practices / trends in the field of Educational Management) 3 45
PGD 1163 Managerial  Communication 2 30
Total Credits 17
Second Semester
PGD 1213 Managing Curriculum Development and Implementation 3 45
PGD 1223 Monitoring, Supervision and Evaluation in Secondary school 3 45
PGD 1233 Educational Planning and Management 3 45
PGD 1243 Case Study (Documenting best practices for in Educational Management and Leadership) 3 45
PGD 1253 Dissertation 6
Total Credits 18