Impact of Academic Council

  • Supports student retention
  • Engages students in learning
  • Promotes student academic success
  • Fosters personal and professional growth

Academic Council Recommendation on Advising

• The Academic Council endorses the initiative to implement information exchange, recognition, and student feedback to enhance advising and improve retention.

• In addition to student feedback, board input should play an important role in member recognition.

The Mission of Academic Council is to:

  • Help students explore and maximize their educational opportunities at BSC
  • Help students succeed academically, professionally, and personally
  • Provide resources to support teachers in their work
  • Provide recognition to teaching that support the goals of BSC’s Academic Council


  • Student
  • Sectional
  • Best
  • BSC

Council Meetings Topics

  • The Changing Role of Academic Council Members
  • The Process of Monitoring: (Formal and Developmental Monitoring)
  • Developmental Monitoring Best Practices
  • BSC Learning Communities
  • Campus Academic Programms
  • Academic Council Resources
  • Evaluation of Council Activites

Topics for the monthly conference

  • 1) A discussion on the most current information available for academic council at BSC.
  • 2) A discussion on the types of informational resources needed for academic council and students.
  • 3) What can be done to improve and update the existing academic resources?