How to Apply

For full-time or part-time higher education courses, you can apply online or regular via the Blue Sky Campus Admissions Service, at

Read the Blue Sky’s admissions policy.

Part-time/Full time application

Many of our courses can be studied part-time/Full time and the online application process is simple.

Entry requirements

There are standard minimum entry requirements for courses. However, for each course you will find the typical offer given to applicants who started their qualifications this academic year. For many courses, these will remain the same for entry this year, but up-to-date information can be found on our website.

Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee a place at the Institute. Admissions tutors will look for additional evidence of suitability for a course, and if your qualifications or experience indicate that you are more suited to a Foundation level course at our institution, you will be advised.

Admissions process

Complete your application form carefully, making sure that the information is accurate and that you have included all your qualifications. Explain clearly in your own words why you wish to take the course, your relevant experience and why you should be given a place.

We take care to ensure the confidentiality of your application information. All details are held on the Blue Sky computer system for use only for internal administrative purposes and the compilation of statistics. However, if requested, we may provide information to other universities, local education authorities, police forces and government departments. You can request access to your computer file with payment of a fee. If you have any comments about our admissions procedures, contact the Officer in-charge for Admissions.+94 65 222 7062/ +94 772806969


For most courses a decision will be made on the basis of your application form alone. However, for some courses the selection process may include an interview. The interviews may be on a one-to-one basis, in a group or with your portfolio, and you may be given a task such as a short essay, questionnaire or translation to demonstrate your strengths in addition to any formal entry requirements.

Note for applicants

We will be pleased to answer any enquiries you may have concerning application, fees, enrollment or transfers from other institutions, although many of your questions are likely to be answered in the Prospectus, on our website, or in the Blue Sky Guide for Applicants. While courses are offered as described at the time of going to press (in the case of our prospectus), some revisions may be made, either as a result of academic development or external constraints. There is no guarantee that courses that are undergoing validation will be approved.