Diploma in Psychology

 Diploma in Psychology

We are developing a one-year, part-time Diploma course in Psychology. We would very much welcome new students.

About the Course

This one-year, part-time course will provide an insight into the study of psychology, with a particular focus on how the brain enables us to see, think and remember.

It will explore evidence from the study of patpsychology-101_100313_largeients with brain damage (neuropsychology), the use of neuroimaging, and behavioural experiments. Students will learn about some of the key specialisations in different areas of the brain and how differences in the brain relate to individual differences in behaviour and cognition.

The course will be open-access, meaning that no special qualifications would be needed to apply, beyond an interest in the subject and a willingness to commit to the course. It is likely to be delivered via a blend of face-to-face teaching and self-directed online and postal study.