Bachelor of Education – B.Ed.

Programme Outline

Programme duration is one academic year (2 semesters). Maximum period of completion of degree is 3 years from the date of registration.

 Eligibility for Admission for the Course

This programme is design as general degree with duration for more than one year with two semesters (36 credits).  Candidates admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Education in general degree programme must satisfy the minimum entrance requirements of the Pathumthani University (PTU). They must also satisfy Blue Sky Campus requirements before registering for courses in this programme.

In satisfying the minimum entrance requirements of the University, candidates must have a teacher in the government school with 10 teaching experiences. And he/she completed certificate of teacher’s training college or diploma in teaching of college of education. Alternatively, admission may be granted to holders of Diploma in teaching in any field of education with 10 years teaching experiences.

Selection Criteria

Selection will be made by selection test followed by an interview.

The composition of the selection tests will be as follows:

Aptitude test

General knowledge of Education

The composition for the interview shall be the Rector, Dean, Consultant of the Education, Blue Sky Campus, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

Course Requirement

All candidates are required to obtain 36 credits from the courses at the end of the successful completion.


All students are required to satisfy 80% of attendance to get the eligibility to sit each end semester examination.

Medium of Instruction

Tamil / English medium

Course Structure

There will be 12 courses in two semesters and the details are given in the following table. The students are requested to sit all courses during this period. All the courses are compulsory.

 Status of the structure of Bachelor of Educational programme 

Subject Code Subject Name Credits Teaching hrs
First Semester
BED 1113 Pedagogical Psychology 3 45
BED 1123 Educational Philosophy 3 45
BED 1133 Research Methods in Education 3 45
BED 1143 Measurement and Evaluation 3 45
BED 1153 Special Needs Education 3 45
BED 1163 Educational Management and Development 3 45
Second Semester
BED 1213 Curriculum Theories and Practice 3 45
BED 1223 Sociology of Education 3 45
BED 1233 Teaching Methods and Techniques 3 45
BED 1243 Contemporary  issues and policies in Education 3 45
BED 1253 Comparative Education 3 45
BED 1263 Dissertation (Action Research at Classroom Level) 3
Total Credits  36



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